Adhering to the production concept of excellence, to ensure that the company can continue to provide customers with stable quality, excellent performance of the valve products.

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Take the key valve of power station as its own duty

Nantong power Station Valve Co., Ltd. is located in the national rugao economic and technological development Zone tongyang yunjiang, covers an area of 32515 square meters, construction area of 16526 square meters. The company was founded in 1960, in 1975 began the mass production of all forged power station valve, in 1979 by the former national ministry of Power, the ministry of Machinery designated as a professional power station valve manufacturer, is a professional engaged in all kinds of high, medium, low voltage pow...

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R & D
Independent innovation is the main, supplemented by industry-university-research cooperation, greatly improve the company's efficiency.
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Committed to providing customers with systematic valve application solutions, with high-quality products and services to win the trust of many enterprises.
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