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QC project passed the acceptance of Dongfang steam turbine

Date:2019-03-02 22:26:00 Hits:
On February 26, Tong Yu, director of material Support Department of Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., LTD., and Du Min, director of Quality Assurance Department of Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., LTD., together came to Nantong Power Station Valve and valve to inspect and accept the QC project of "Improving the Physical Quality of Straight Parts (General Valves of Nantong Power Station)" jointly approved by Dongfang Steam Turbine and Nantong power Station valves in 2018.
As a key supplier of Dongfang Steam Turbine, valve of Nantong power Station was awarded the only quality management Q1 award by Dongqi valve supplier in 2017 at the beginning of 2018. In order to further improve product quality, at the end of March 2018, both parties signed the joint QC project of "Improving the Physical Quality of Straight Delivery Parts (General Valves of Nantong Power Station)". According to the requirements of the project approval agreement, the physical quality goal of nantong Power Station valve and DONGC Straight valve in 2018 is to reduce the physical complaints of straight valve to no more than 3 NCR times.
After the signing of the project agreement, the Valve organization management Department, quality Assurance Department and production Department of Nantong Power Station sorted out all kinds of quality problems existing in dongqi straight parts, identified the surface quality, inner cavity cleanliness, paint, dust, packaging quality and other problems of cast steel parts, and classified 8 sub-projects for improvement. Define the project objectives, improvement methods, responsible departments, responsible persons, completion date, project assessment and solidification measures respectively. After one year's efforts, the project goal was successfully achieved. The physical quality of Nantong valve straight delivery parts was assessed by NCR only once in 2018, and the project passed the acceptance smoothly.
Conference, nantong power station valve qa department minister Zhu Honggen for the QC reports to project is summarized, TongYu director and Du Min webmaster dongfang turbine non-quantitative quality standards, the improvement of matters such as the training exchanges, and expressed the hope that nantong power station valve moved on, consolidate the curing project results, Strive to achieve the NCR reduction to zero in 2019, and share and promote the project results to all suppliers of Dongfang Steam Turbine.