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The valve DPS digital operation management system of Nantong Power Station has p

Date:2022-03-11 15:23:46 Hits:

The valve DPS digital operation management system of Nantong Power Station was put into operation in July 2020, and put into full operation on January 1, 2021. It passed the preliminary acceptance of the project expert group on January 18, 2022, marking the phased achievements of the company's digital factory construction.

The system platform using micro service architecture and low code development platform, the company web portal, mobile, web side, PC integration, intelligence control valve selection, to calculate the customer relationship management, supply chain management, planning management, workshop management, quality management, document management, human resource management, product anti-counterfeiting query and other functions.

System platform to qr code identity information as the carrier, the collected including customer project information, selection, supply chain information, production information processing (process, equipment, personnel, working hours), inspection record of information on the whole process, from selection to after-sales whole business process, from raw materials procurement to finished product delivery of the whole manufacturing cycle back. Through big data collection and analysis, Smart Brain can continuously optimize product selection and provide high-performance, safe and reliable products and services.

Users can scan the qr code on the product nameplate or enter the manufacturing number on the product nameplate on the company website to obtain product information from the system to identify the authenticity. The system enhances customer experience, protects the legitimate rights and interests of customers, and has been recognized and praised by users. At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the company successively won a number of projects such as Huaikuang Panji, Huaneng Shidongkou, Lu 'an GEXin and Guodian Shanghaimiao, with a total bid amount of more than 30 million yuan, of which the huaneng Shidongkou project won more than 10 million yuan.

Nantong Power Station valve will continue to implement digital factory construction, improve management efficiency, forge excellent brand image, provide customers with quality products and services, and achieve customer value.