The leader of replace imported power station valves

  • 2020
    Ultra-supercritical water storage tank water level control valve, minimum flow control valve through the national scientific and technological achievements appraisal
  • 2019
    Signed a cooperation agreement with China Nuclear Power Corporation on the research project of localization of key valves for conventional island thermal system of large advanced pressurized water reactor, and undertook the product design tasks of steam turbine extraction check valve and condensate regulating valve.
  • 2018
    Ultra-supercritical main steam warm pipe gate valve and supercritical forged steel orifice plate pressure holding valve have passed the national science and technology achievement appraisal
  • 2016
    Signed the supply agreement for the main water supply gate valve of the K2 / K3 nuclear power project in Karachi, Pakistan, replaced the import of products, and achieved a breakthrough in performance.
  • 2014
    The minimum flow control valve of feed water pump and the bypass control valve of main water supply have passed the appraisal of the National Energy Administration. And the National Energy Administration has won the title of "Key Valve localization important contribution unit" super (super) critical super diameter forged steel gate valve, super (super) critical super diameter forged steel check valve through the jiangsu Provincial Economic and information commission organization of new product identification.
  • 2010
    It was selected as the key valve localization unit of the super (super) critical thermal power unit of the National Energy Administration
  • 2009
    Development of replaceable seat erosion resistant steam traps
  • 2006
    Develop a ball seal globe valve with replaceable opening and closing parts
  • 1979
    By the former state department of electricity, the ministry of machinery designated as power station valves professional manufacturers
  • 1975
    Mass production of full forged power station stop valves began
  • 1960
    Company predecessor Rugao County screw factory was established