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Meng Xinling received the Science and Technology Innovation Contribution Award

Date:2019-04-01 10:17:00 Hits:
On the morning of March 27th, the third meeting of the seventh Member Congress of China General Machinery Industry Association and the fourth meeting of the seventh Council were held in Hangzhou. The meeting commended the personnel who had won the "2017 and 2018 China General Machinery Industry Scientific and technological Progress Contribution Award". Meng Xinling, director of valve technology research and development of Nantong Power Station, won the "2018 Outstanding Contribution Award for Science and Technology Innovation".

On March 27th afternoon, China general machinery industry association valve branch held the 7th executive director of the three (expand) the meeting, the meeting on the 9th China 2018 expo (Shanghai) international fluid machinery exhibition and valve awards the award-winning products unit, nantong power station valve, a total of two products of "main steam forged steel gate" won the gold medal, "Forging steam extraction quick close check valve" won the silver award.