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The company through the two integration management system evaluation

Date:2018-12-13 22:25:00 Hits:
On December 7, Nantong power Station valve received a notice from the certification body that the company's integrated management system meets GB/T23001-2017 "Requirements for Integrated Management System of Information and Industrialization", and obtained the evaluation certificate of the integrated management system of the two certification bodies.
Nantong Valve the integration of the two management system standards work was officially launched in April, under the guidance of the guidance institutions, after the investigation and planning, system operation, internal audit, management review, expert review and reinspection and publicity and other links, lasted more than 9 months through the evaluation, successfully obtained the certificate. This also marks that the company has the ability of integrated production collaborative management based on ERP integration in an information environment. By building refined production management and control ability, the company has promoted the improvement of production efficiency and achieved remarkable results.
The basis of product competitiveness is manufacturing capability, and the realization of refined production control is the focus of the company to obtain leading product advantages and improve the core competitiveness. Nantong power Station valve through the introduction of refined production concept and method, from the optimization and improvement of production process and continuous development of information management system, to achieve the optimization of production control system and production management efficiency, help the company to establish competitive advantages, better realize the implementation of strategy.
In the next stage, Nantong Power Station valve will continue to promote the integration management of the two industrialization, continue to improve the new capacity system, constantly improve the level of integration of the two industrialization, promote the in-depth integration of information and industrialization, and support the implementation of the enterprise strategy through the integration of the two, to achieve sustainable development.