Core Competition

To provide customers with safe, economic professional valve application solutions

The company has been committed to the construction of enterprise information, by building information management platform, improve management ability, and better provide customers with quality services. In 2013, the company was awarded as a pilot enterprise of integration of informatization and industrialization in Jiangsu Province. In 2018, the company's "two integration management activities related to the construction of fine production control capacity" passed the evaluation of the two integration management system.
The company has initially built and will continue to improve the "wisdom brain" - suitable for power station valve operation mode of information management system. The system integrates self-developed intelligent control valve calculation and selection software, supply chain management system, sales management, production management, quality management system, technical document management system, etc. With qr code identification information as the carrier, including selection, product information, customer project information, supply chain information, the production process (process, equipment, personnel, processing), inspection record of information on the whole process, from the selection to the after-sale all business process, from raw materials procurement to finished product delivery of the whole manufacturing cycle back. Through systematic big data collection and analysis, "Smart Brain" can continuously optimize product selection and provide high-performance, safe and reliable products and services.